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books for collectors and those appreciating danish porcelain

Christmas Plates from Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl by Lars Christoffersen


Christmas Plates Book Christmas plates have been made in Denmark by Bing & Grondahl since 1895 and by Royal Copenhagen since 1908. These and their many other popular commemorative series, including Mother's Day, Jubilee, and Children's Day plates, have been cherished by generations of people all over the world. This is the first book to bring all the plates together in one beautiful, organized reference. Over 1000 color photographs showcase every series created. Descriptions of every plate made include their English and Danish titles, date, designer, reference code numbers and current value range. Collectors, dealers, and historians alike will find the book easy to use and fun to consult because it is concise, attractive, and complete.

christmas Plates by Lars Christoffersen is also available in the US at Danish Porcelain Online.

Royal Copenhagen 1930 Juliane Marie Collection by Danish Porcelain Imports

Juliane Marie Collection bookThis book presents the finest in porcelain art from Royal Copenhagen. This is a reprint of the original Royal Copenhagen Catalog from 1930. Real connoisseurs will appreciate this vintage collection. The complicated art of painting overglaze on porcelain is shown in this catalog from 1930. Juliane Marie refers to Royal Copenhagen's first protector Queen Juliane Marie and the hand painted crown. This 20th century mark indicates that the piece is a reproduction of a piece from the 1700's to 1900's. These pieces in the difficult overglaze painting style were in honor of Her Majesty. The 1930 Juliane Marie Collection is a hard back book with an elegant black and white dustcover. This reproduction of the original was by Danish Porcelain Imports with permission from Royal Copenhagen to reprint and publish. It was printed in China in 2005 and released January of 2006.  There is a short introduction, but the 78 pictures are the highlight of this book. The book includes the reproductions from the 1700's to 1900's, as well as figurines, vases, and other porcelain creations by Carl Martin-Hansen, Gerhard Henning, Arno Malinowski, Christian Thomsen, Axel Locher, Michael Pedersen, Hans Hansen and Georg Thylstrup.

Royal Copenhagen 1910 Catalog by Danish Porcelain Imports

Royal Copenhagen 1910 CatalogThe Original 1910 Catalog has been reprinted with 73 pages with products shown in size format: ¼, 1/5, 1/6 and 1/7. This is a hard cover book and measures: 7" x 11". It comes with an elegant black and white dustcover and was published by Danish Porcelain Imports, with permission from Royal Copenhagen to reprint and publish. The book was printed in China in 2005 and released January of 2006.
There is a short introduction and pictures showing vases, plates and figurines that are never, or rarely ever, seen on the market. Form and decoration numbers are shown for each item, as well as measurements. One gets a unique feel for the era of the design and the items produced at the height of Danish underglaze production. The pieces are in Art Nouveau style and the special Danish National romantic tone which can be seen in the Royal Copenhagen Manufactories extensive production of figurines.

Royal Copenhagen 1930 Catalog by Danish Porcelain Imports

Royal Copenhagen 1930 catalogThis is the original 1930 sales catalog of Royal Copenhagen which has been reprinted featuring vases, plates, figurines and other porcelain items in production after years of Industrial-Art production. Numerous items are shown, numbering in the 1000's on the 116 pages in a book with hardcover and dustcover. Form, decoration numbers, and measurements are shown for each item. This book is published by Danish Porcelain Imports with permission from Royal Copenhagen to reprint and publish. It was printed in China in 2005 and released January of 2006.  There is a short introduction, but it is the pictures that speak.


The Nordic Table by Helle Stangerup

The Nordic Table bookThe Nordic Table-over time is a series of essays spanning from the year 1500 to our time.  It’s divided into seven sections, each with its own theme. The
Renaissance, the Absolute Monarchy and Victorianism until the First World War are represented with text and pictures.  The book also represents Nordic porcelain
And Flora Danica.  The last section deals with faience and outdoor life.



Dahl-Jensen Porcelain Figurines 1897-1985 by Caroline and Nick Pope

Dahl Jensen book

All of the known figurines by Dahl-Jensen are represented in this book.  They are arranged in both numerical and subject matter order for easy reference. Over 350 photographs display the  natural wildlife and charming people that occupy this high quality line of sculpture.





Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Animals and Figurines by Robert J. Heritage

Royal Copenhagen Animals and Figurines bookThis is the first comprehensive reference guide to twentieth century porcelain models of animals and figurines made by Royal Copenhagen. Almost 400 color plates were used to identify well over 500 separate models, among which only about 100 are in production. Several methods of dating are shown and described. Individual items are introduced and those elements which may influence purchasing decisions are discussed.



Georg Jensen: A Tradition of Splendid Silver by Janet Drucker

Georg Jensen A Tradition of Splendid Silver bookGeorg Jensen: A Tradition of Splendid Silver is both a detailed analysis and a fitting celebration of Georg Jensen’s artistic genius, his remarkable contributions to twentieth century decorative arts, and his steadfast adherence to the highest standards of design and craftsmanship.  The book will be of particular interest to owners of Georg Jensen silver, artists, silversmiths, designers, curators, and art dealers.



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